Miñón de Santibañez, Burgos

Church of San Pedro

The late twelfth century church of San Pedro in Miñón de Santibañez has an intriguingly decorated south portal. It is composed of a number of archivolts, two of which are decorated with figural sculpture, albeit in very different styles. The inner archivolt is carved with low relief roundels. Within beaded circular frames, zodiac-like creatures twist and contort themselves to fit these confined spaces. The other figural archivolt, third from the inside, houses entirely different figures, these carved in high relief with exaggerated cartoon-like features. Most are musicians and acrobats, but towards the apex of the arch, we can also see monk holding a book and a king, crowned and with staff. 

Miñón de Santibañez

South Portal Detail

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minon portal.PNG

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