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Colmenares de Ojeda, Palencia

Church of San Fructuoso

The baptismal font of Colemares de Ojeda is aptly sculpted with a scene of baptism. A small child is shown being submerged into a font while a priest stands above blessing with one hand and holding a book in the other. Other parents and children surround the central event. The three final figures to the right, two embracing and the third reaching forward, touching the back of the man in front of him, may or may not be associated with the baptism. It has also been suggested that this is the Raising of Lazarus, however we are missing the cross-nimbus that would usually clearly identify Christ. Moving clockwise, a scene of the Three Maries at the Tomb follows. An angel holds the tomb open with his hand, demonstrating that Christ has arisen to the astonished Maries, while a second angel censes the scene. The soldiers, asleep on the job, are slumped in a pile. The final image is a griffin, wrapped in interlacing vegetation.

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