Cervatos, Cantabria

Monastic Church of San Pedro

The monastery of San Pedro de Cervatos has a long and distinguished history. Its first documentary mention is in the year 999, when the institution was granted a fuero by the Counts of Castile Sancho García and Urraca. It was likely enlarged and reconstructed at this point, and possibly also used as the burial pantheon of the Castilian counts. The current church of San Pedro was built in the twelfth century. On the right pilaster of the portal is an inscription dating the church, giving 1129 as the construction date and 1199 as the consecration date. Though Romanesque art is replete with profane imagery, especially on the more marginal architectural elements of church exteriors, San Pedro is particularly notable for its plethora of such themes. The church is also decorated with an ornate, patterned tympanum -- this feature is novel in its display of interlacing vegetal ornamentation rather than a figural scene. Below are a number of gigapans allowing you to explore the facade of the church, and the curious corbels in detail.

San Pedro de Cervatos

South Facade 

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