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Fromista, Palencia

Church of San Martín

The monastic church of San Martín de Frómista is likely the most well-known church on this site, and one of the most well-known of all Romanesque monuments in Spain. The monastery was originally founded by Doña Mayor—the widow of Sancho el Mayor, the first king to have united (at least briefly) relatively all of Christian Spain—in 1066. This foundation date has long been used to date the church’s construction, though recent research (Senra, 2008) suggests that the church might actually have been built in the early eleventh century, after its donation to San Zoilo of Carrión de los Condes in 1118 and entry into the Cluniac order. A safe date would be around 1100. The church remains today in an excellent state—a harmonious whole of sculpture and architecture—likely the driving force for its modern fame. Through this page you can explore both the exterior and the interior of the edifice. Gigapans of the four sides of the church enable viewing of the many sculpted corbels distributed around the church. A spherical panorama allows you to get a sense of the space and 3D models enable exploration of the scenes sculpted onto the individual capitals. 

church plan

Click on any highlighted section to view a gigapan (zoomable image) or 3D model.

San Martín, Fromista


west facade gigapan

[West Facade]

south facade gigapan

[South Facade]

north facade gigapan

[North Facade]

east facade gigapan

[East Facade]


San Martín, Fromista

Interior Capitals

fox and crow

Fox and Crow Fable


The central scene on this capital narrates a medieval moralizing fable, warning against pride. A clever fox praises a crow, who then drops the food he was holding in his delight at the approbation. 



This capital shows an scene of armed combat. Two figures are in action fighting on the front face, while three others hold weapons at the ready. A distressed woman completes the scene, as she attempts to hold back the man in front of her from joining in the melee. 

cain and abel
lion riding

San Martín, Fromista


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